About us

iHipHopTV.com will market it’s various services through its platforms and strategic partners including Google, Yahoo, Apple INC, ITunes, Facebook, YouTube and more. In addition, iHipHopTV along with its strategic partners will use its industry contacts to connect with notable music celebrities, actors, artists and sports figures. iHipHopTV subscribers will interact with famous personalities through online sessions via a unique interactive portal with live streaming concerts and conferencing.  The personal and professional profiles of famous actors and personalities will drive traffic and generate millions of new subscribers daily while greatly enhancing potential product placement and corporate sponsorship. iHipHopTV will partner with corporate entities such as ITunes, Best Buy, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Nike, Guitar Center and many others.

In addition, online subscription discounts and rewards for cross-marketing strategies provide access to exclusive events, merchandizing such as DVD’s, music, television shows, clothing and other products we offer through our Affilates and partners. iHipHopTV platform for members to include access to athletes, actors and actresses, artists, concert events, back stage passes and realtime video chat.

More than 65% of online global consumers use electronic devices to connect

with family and friends, compared to 63% for getting news, 63% for

listening to music, and 61% for taking pictures or videos.