iHipHopTV.com will market it’s various services through its platforms and strategic partners.
iHipHopTV.com will connect with its industry contacts to create limitless advertising situations and generate business opportunities with notable music celebrities, actors, artists and sports figures.Interact with famous personalities through online sessions via a unique interactive portal with live streaming and conferencing. The personal and professional profiles of famous personalities will drive traffic and generate new subscribers daily while greatly enhancing potential product placement and corporate sponsorship.

More than 73% of online global consumers use electronic devices to connect with
family and friends, compared to 70% for getting news,
75% for listening to music,
and 69% for taking pictures or videos.
CE Report

Global Coverage
We got you covered.
Compatible with
Mobile phone, tablet and all other devices will give you the same great experience.
Our reports allows detailed analysis of your live streams. Identify markets for potential sales worldwide.

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